Forbes just released an article discussing the merits of having Wii Fit around the house.  I’m not sure if you have a Wii or not (or if your ministry uses one), but I absolutely love it.  According to gaming blog Kotaku, having a Wii Fit is only useful for those who play it regularly. Ummmm…duh!  I guess you probably will lose weight and get in better shape if you use your fitness club membership too and that Bible you have sitting around might actually change part of your  life if you read it and obey it.

All sarcasm aside, I was more interested in the article for two other reasons.  One – my family has a Wii Fit and I find it incredibly useful for keeping track of my fitness activities and weight.  In fact, my entire family just started a Biggest Loser contest!  Wii Fit (and our elliptical machine) will be getting regular if not daily use for the next several weeks.

The second reason I was interested in the article is because it cited some start-up research being done on the obesity epidemic in America and its effect on the America family.  Scott Owens, a professor at the University of Mississippi, will be conducting some ongoing studies on Wii Fit in order to get a glimpse into how video games play a role in obesity.  Results are expected in June.