Bethel Seminary InMinistry Program

The Cory Center for Children’s and Family Ministry is part of the Master of Arts in Children’s and Family Ministry Program at Bethel Seminary.

If you are interested in learning more about the Master of Arts in Children’s and Family Ministry (MACFM) program, you can find great resources for your journey right here!

What is InMinistry all about?

InMinistry is an exciting delivery system Bethel Seminary has created to serve women and men who are already in active ministry as lay people or paid staff.  This delivery system provides a great benefit to the students because the program allows you to implement and apply the content in your ministry context right away!

What are the classes like?

The InMinistry program as a multi-modal delivery system. Much of the course work is done at a distance using computer and other technologies, but twice a year students come to campus for intensive interaction with their professors.

Intensive Courses take place twice a year. These courses are so named for the week-long, 30-hour, on-campus intensive which takes place in the middle of the quarter. The intensive provides face-to-face interaction between the professor and students in the class. Lecture, classroom discussion, student presentations, guest speakers and site visits can take place during the intensive.

Pre-Campus Course Work: Prior to coming to campus, distance technologies are used for students to complete their pre-campus work. The purpose of the pre-campus work is to help students participate in the intensive on a more even    footing. Readings, discussions and other assignments help set the stage for the intensive. The pre-campus phase lasts    between two and four weeks.

Post-Campus Course Work: Following the on-campus intensive, students return home to complete the last phase of     heir course. This post-campus work again utilizes distance technologies. The focus during this final phase is more     integrative and synthetic that the previous phases.

Distance Courses take place during the other two quarters. These courses take place entirely at a distance and do not contain an on-campus component. Greater use of audio visual tools is made during distance courses. This, coupled with distance technologies, keeps students in regular contact with the professor and their classmates. Defined beginnings and endings to the course ensure that the class moves together on the course content. This keeps the class from becoming just a “high tech” correspondence course.

The Cory Center staff wants to welcome you to the beginning of what promises to be an amazing journey in your life.  There are probably many things running through your head right now, so we hope the information provided here will help you start your journey well.  We invite you to participate and interact with the resources offered.

To find out more about Bethel Seminary’s InMinistry Programs, please visit the Bethel Seminary InMinistry website!