Starting today, you can get your own printed copy of the book What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry. It’s only $7.99, but you can use the discount code N8XZJLWK to get 10% off (this week only).

When I met with with Amy Dolan and Henry Zonio a few months ago to discuss the idea of gathering many voices from the field of children’s and family ministry to answer an epic question, we had no idea that more than 3000 people would download the resource.  What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry has struck a chord with children’s and family ministry leaders.  But we knew that no matter how many people downloaded the ebook, there would many more leaders who would prefer a printed book over a screen-based resource.  So with the help of IMAGO, who donated their amazing work to the project, we designed a version for web and print.

Here’s some ideas for how I would use the printed resource:

•    Several children’s pastors and leaders have bought multiple copies for their volunteer teams.  I would use the book in this setting to spark conversation, especially if one of the themes in the book resonates with the themes in your ministry OR with proposed change in your ministry.  I would ask questions of the volunteers ahead of time such as: What theme speaks to you the most?  Why? What theme resonates the most with our ministry? What theme resonates the most with where we want to go/what we want to accomplish?

•    I plan on using the book as a one-on-one coaching tool.  I’ll ask the mentoree to read the book in its entirety and choose 2-3 contributions that they felt were the most helpful.  I’ll also asked the mentoree to create their own contribution.  In this setting, I would allow them 300 words to answer the question “What matters now in children’s ministry” – instead of the official 200 word limit.  But my goal would be to get the person I am coaching to hone their idea to 200 words.

•    The printed book is a great resource and gift to hand out to other staff members, especially a senior pastor.  I think that giving other staff members resources is a great way to lead your co-workers “up.”  I think the book is especially useful for senior pastors, who receive multiple emails/files/digital resources everyday and may not pay as much attention to the content of the ebook as they would a printed resource.

•    Note: You are the expert in your ministry.  For some of your “digital native” volunteers, the ebook is the best way for them to receive the information in What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry.  For others, perhaps the digital immigrants on your team, the printed resource would work much better.  I think you can and should use both.

If you are interested in buying 10 or more copies of the book, please email me for a special bulk-discount code!  Otherwise you can use the discount code N8XZJLWK to get 10% off (this week only).