Several weeks ago I was struck with an epic idea.  I wanted to create a book with insight from people across the field of children’s and family ministry, education, non-profit, and para-church ministry about what matters now in children’s ministry.  Like any great idea, it occupied all of my mental space until I finally shared it with others.  I am proud today to be part of the release of the culmination of this idea: a free e-book that answers the question, “What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry?”

The team (Amy Dolan of Lemon Lime Kids, Henry Zonio of Elemental Children’s Ministry, and me) have gathered 33 perspectives from a cross section of denominations and ministry contexts to answer our epic question.  But we asked every contributor to answer the question with only ONE word (we gave a couple of contributors some grace and allowed two words).  After they honed the one-word answer, they were allowed to support their answer with another 300 words.  Not an easy task.

David Staal, Ivy Beckwith, Gregory Carlson, Larry Shallenberger, Rob Reinow, Michael Chanley, Scottie May, and many more individuals graciously agreed to partner with us.  Prepare to be inspired – these answers are industrial strength, not over the counter.