When I look back at the Kidmin landscape in 2015, I see several significant leaps forward, both in terms of tools and trends, as children’s ministry catches up to the digital age.
This app from Scripture Union was developed and released in 2015 for children
This web game has been in development for a few years. Brought forward by Scarlet City Studios, The Aetherlight is a game designed to teach a Biblical worldview to today’s kids.
3. Mozo
Awana created this ministry tool to help their club programs leverage technology to carry the load of details about each clubber and team. I am so impressed with Awana’s work on this project and their commitment to gather user feedback to improve it.
With ubiquitous internet access in the modern home, helping parents wisely guide their children’s Internet and device use is vital. Circle, released in late 2015, does this and more.
So smart. Orange thought of everything a Kidmin would need in an app and made it.
6. Facebook Groups
While Kidmin have been organizing themselves on Facebook for some time, I’ve seen these groups explode in 2015. From the sheer volume of posts, questions, and interaction to the number of leaders involved. If you’re not in a Kidmin Facebook group, join one!
7. Web Training
Many leaders are using the web to deliver video training for children’s ministry leaders. Whether via live webinar, pre-recorded content, Periscope, you can learn from KidzMatter, INCM, leade3, Keith Ferrin, Adam Duckworth and Sue Miller and many others!
So here’s why I’m excited about 2016. Based on the leaps forward in 2015, I see 2016 as the year of utility. Here’s what I mean.
We have new tools being added to the kidmin arsenal that provide more than content – they are platforms for improved functionality as a leader and pastor.
Consider, Cahoots. Cahoots is a group communication tool for your smartphone. Ditch the expensive walkie talkies and use Cahoots. I believe this type of tool will become commonplace in the church because it is a platform for improved team communication and church safety.
Also, have you heard of Disciplr? Disciplr is a digital curriculum platform. This is not just a tool to purchase curriculum digitally. With Disciplr, you can control every aspect of your curriculum workflow. It’s incredible and the platform keeps getting better. A children’s pastor told me, “I don’t have to print anymore now that our church is using Disciplr.” His church is saving so much money, they had to change their budget!
Go 2016!