Guy Kawasaki is a Twitter and social media expert.  He’s the founder of Alltop, the online magazine rack (which I use as my homepage).  At the world’s largest consumer electronics tradeshow (CES), Guy gave a presentation entitled “The Art of Innovation” where he outlined eleven key ideas:

1.    Make Meaning – great marketing campaigns strike an emotional, real connection with people
2.    Make Mantra – can you boil down what you are trying to communicate into a simple phrase like Wendy’s, Nike, or eBay?
3.    Jump to the Next Curve – Ice 1.0 was Harvest, Ice 2.0 was a Factory, Ice 3.0 was a Fridge
4.    Roll the Dice – Deep, Intelligent, Complete, Elegant
5.    Don’t Worry Be Crappy
6.    Let 100 Flowers Blossom
7.    Polarize People
8.    Churn, Baby, Churn – go against the flow
9.    Niche Thyself – there is a place where value and uniqueness can coexist in excellence
10.    Follow 10-20-30 Rule – 10 slides, 20 minutes, 30 point font
11.    Don’t Let the Bozos Grind You Down – Thomas Watson (Chairman of IBM) once stated, “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.”

I think many of these tips apply to innovation in children’s ministry.  But perhaps they are more common in children’s ministry.  I feel like my life is devoted to meaning-making.  We work hard to create meaningful environments and structure resources to provide the foundation for meaningful conversations between volunteers and kids (and families).  As a field, I think children’s ministry is ready to jump to the next iteration of the small group/large group model (but I don’t know what it is).  Maybe soon we will see a curriculum company roll the dice on a deep, intelligent, complete, and elegant curriculum.

Do any of Guy’s 11 ideas resonate with you?  Click here to see the slides from his presentation.