I recently ran across a website advertising a new phone – it’s called the Pomegranate.  You should check it out first, then read on below.


Seriously, if you read on you will spoil the fun – not the mention the point of this posting.


OK, did you click on “Release Date” in the upper, right corner?  Be sure to do that too…

What ingenious way to advertise!!!  Now I want to go to Nova Scotia!!!

So, here’s my question:  Why did they take the time to create this amazing website, not to mention the time it would have taken to make, edit, post the videos, just to set you up for a tourism commercial?  The amount of time it took to envision, create, set-up and oversee this marketing project is crazy!

So, as Children’s Ministers, do we put that much time into “setting up” people for the life-changing message of the Gospel?  Do we market and promote our ministries in such a way that people will remember it?

Or, to take it a different angle – do we offer a way to have all (or most) of people’s needs met in one place – the church?


‘Til Next Time!
Dean Butterfield – KidTech Blog Contributor