I know a lot of people who spend time designing their own graphics for children’s ministry, without the benefit of a design degree or professional training.  Here are some sites I go to for help:

Planet Photoshop – Great site with lots of tutorials that can make ordinary pictures look incredible.

Digital Photography Review – If you want to get the low-down on any digital camera, ever, go to this site.  It will help you decide what camera to buy when the time comes to replace what you have or bump up to the next level.

Smashing Magazine – Tip of the hat to Henry Zonio for introducing me to this site.  Smashing Magazine offers free resources like wallpaper, cons, graphics, themes, photos, and fonts.  You can also access tons of information on virtually any design topic.

Lynda.com – Lynda has been around since 1995, but I have never really used it until I had a volunteer come on my team who basically became a Photoshop and Final Cut guru through Lynda’s online training courses. Lynda helps people learn, master, and apply digital tools and techniques.

i love typography – Offers free, amazing fonts and articles on the art of typography.  An amazing resource that will help you stop your reliance on Comic Sans.