So I’ve spent some time checking out the Vatican’s new YouTube channel featuring Pope Benedict XVI.  First things first, the Pope just got digital.  The Catholic church has become more digitally friendly than many of the churches who will read this blog.  The reason behind the move to YouTube?  To broaden their audience and get people involved in a “dialogue of truth.”

What little research there is on kids and the Internet suggests that kids spend several hours a week online.  They might be visiting a popular social networking site like Facebook, WebKinz, or PiratesOnline.  They will probably spend some of that time checking out entertainment options on Nickelodeon or Disney.  But they will most likely be visiting YouTube to search the vast troves of videos there about dancing babies, lip syncing Finns, or anything related to their hobbies.  My wife taught a preschool class and one of the kids talked often about how he would watch tractor pulling videos on YouTube while his mom got ready every morning (she would type in the and he would type the “dot com”).  Chances are that you can get the kids and families in your ministry context involved in a dialogue of the truth of God’s Word – just by getting some videos on the most popular video sharing website on the Internet.  You might just broaden your audience as well.

Take a moment to go see some of these videos offered at the Vatican YouTube channel.

And maybe get a vision for what you can do in your ministry context.