Okay, first things first.  I’m totally pumped because the Cory Center website had over 5000 visitors in the month of May!  That’s amazing.  Hopefully you are finding the content provided by the Cory Center helpful in your ministry context.

Second, I just graduated.  This is a huge reason why the KidTech Blog has been on a little hiatus.  Finishing up schoolwork and attending graduation were at the top of my list.  Now I’m off for a wonderful vacation in Florida.

Third, I just saw the movie Up.  As a minister to children and families, this movie is considered research for you.  Watch it and see if you can really create an argument that you cannot teach by using pictures.  There is about sequence in the beginning of the film without words and it is moving and beautiful.  The amazing thing about Pixar is that people rave about the lifelike animation.  Somehow in Up, they found a way to portray lifelike emotion and relationship digitally.  It’s amazing and I need to go see it again.

Fourth, what am I supposed to do now that I’ve graduated?  I’m up for suggestions.  Tweet them to me!