Ian Jukes is a genius.  He’s one of my favorite authors and speakers on education.  Recently, Ian spoke to a group of principals at the National Association of Elementary School Principals on the “Exponential Growth of Information.”  Check it out here.

Jukes identifies four exponential trends that impact this information overload.  1) Moore’s Law states that the speed of computer technology doubles every 2 years while the cost of that technology is cut in half.  Computers get faster and cheaper at the same time.  2) Photonics is the transmission of information at the speed of light.  Today we have information available at high speeds, but we are not even skimming the surface.  3) The use of the Internet is exponentially expanding as well.  Kids today have technology in their hands that can access the Internet anytime, anywhere.  The Internet is not just something that you can access at mom or dad’s desk.  4) Trends 1, 2, and 3 prove that the amount of information available means that it is temporary and disposable, like the morning paper (if you are even getting that anymore).

“If the world of information is growing exponentially, what are you doing to keep up in your leadership, teaching, and learning?”