I officially received my “I’m old” card when we took my oldest daughter to sign up for Kindergarten.  My daughter will be one of the fine members of the class of 2023.  In our school district, a lot of information is shared with parents online.  I’m wondering, when will the church catch up?

Author and blogger Ian Jukes told me once that the field of public education operates 10 years behind technology.  If that is true, how far behind does the church operate?

I know the big question that many churches and leaders are asking is, how do we resource parents?  Are there any web-based connecting tools to link parents and kids to what’s going on at church, similar to the tools used by school districts?  The most innovative ideas we have at present involve printing a piece of paper or sending a stylized email.  In the digital age, that’s just not going to cut it (and presently it is not).   What are the innovative ways churches are connecting with parents digitally?

For insight into an e-learning connection public education tool, see: http://www.techlearning.com/article/28318