Do not think of an elephant.  I know, you’ve heard this one before.  Try not to think about something and it somehow turns into the only think you can wrap your mind around.  For me, I’m constantly scanning online for new ideas and new methods.  I’m an interdisciplinarian, so I’m not checking out children’s ministry content alone.  Design, education, business, social media, news, games – all of these topics are under my radar.  The problem?  Bookmarks….tons and tons of bookmarks.  The solution?  Since I check a lot of blogs, I started using a RSS Feed aggregator (I know – it sounds too technical for the average guy…it’s just a fancy way of saying a free program that collects blogs posts that I subscribe to).  I use NetNewsWire. The problem?  I don’t have a place on that program to take notes or remember my own thoughts about specific posts.  In fact, I don’t have the capability to do that anywhere on the Internet.  The solution?  Evernote.

Evernote is a simple, free program to remember things.  Since there is an iPhone version of Evernote, I can record voice messages, create notes from text, or notes from pictures.  If I’m online and I have some thoughts about an article, I quickly clip the article and add my own notes.  If I’m at Chipotle and I have a brain epiphany, I can write it down on a napkin, take a picture of it, and post it to Evernote.  Here’s the kicker: Evernote scans every note I add and if that note includes text (even handwritten text), Evernote makes it searchable.  I wrote a note the other day about Narcisuss on the back of a schedule and posted it to Evernote.  Since I post tons of notes, I just searched for the word Narcisuss and Evernote brought up my handwritten note!

Maybe you’re nothing like me and you can remember everything. If you are, do not think of Evernote.