For many churches, April – June represents a crucial time of the year.  The budget is about to renew, so financial planning meetings are required.  You can read my thoughts on the economy and its effects on church budgeting here.  There will be performance reviews, 360 evaluations, goals, team goals, church-wide initiatives, and several rounds of evaluating the validity and feasibility of the aforementioned.

I had this great picture on my way home that put all of this in perspective.  While I work in the thriving Chicago suburb of St. Charles, I live in the rural town of Hampshire.  I drive on a gravel road everyday to get to work.  Our neighborhood is surrounded by farms.  I realized that most people around the country are not surrounded by corn, soybeans, pumpkin patches, horses, or farming equipment.  This is the time of year when all of the rough soil with the remains of corn stalks sticking out of the ground gets plowed again.  As I was driving home with the window down, I saw a young man on a giant farm implement tilling up the soil, grinding it so it could be ready for planting (I’m totally assuming this fact since I know nothing about farming and most plants I buy die a painfully slow death).  I thought, “This is what’s happening right now.”  What was once uneven has been leveled (hello, budget) and the first flush of weeds have been taken out (hello, my chainsaw juggling clown event).

For many of us, we are in the season of preparation for next year’s crops.  Take time to till the soil, level the field, and grind out the weeds.