action-bible-esv-3d-259x300A few years ago I posted a video of my son sharing his thoughts about the Action Bible. The following year David C Cook released the Action Bible Handbook and I reviewed it here. Well, they are back with a full fledged ESV study Bible and once again, I’m impressed.

My son, like many preteen boys loves comics. I’ve shared in the past how I could find him in his room researching, yes researching, what stories were in the Bible but not in the Action Bible. I think any parent would place that in the win category.

My friend Sam Luce has shared on the importance of having a bible that fits your child’s reading age so I’ll refer you there and simply say that the The Action Bible Study Bible ESV should be on the list for your preteen.

The first thing that caught my eye is the illustrations. Like the Action Bible, they are outstanding. Of course, there are far fewer, but still serve as an attraction to make sure kids are picking up the Bible often.

The next thing that is really impressive is that his is a real study bible. Maps, index, dictionary, concordance – it’s all there, more than 70 pages.

And it doesn’t stop there. Through out the bible you’ll find sections of learning:

  • Remember it – key verses to memorize
  • What about it – 52 questions on faith, like “Will every good person go to heaven?”
  • Unlock it – because reading scripture can often cause more questions than answers, this section gives hints about what is going on in that section of scripture
  • Guess it – just as it sounds, a guessing game, with clues
  • Ancient Archives – an explanation on ancient times
  • Activate it – This section will help your child make connections to every day life

That should be enough, but there’s still more! Every book begins with an attractive preface that talks about the book and its author.

I’m sure there is even more to be found and I am honestly excited to share this Bible with my son and to share it with you.

Jesse and his wife, Teri live in a NW suburb of Chicago where they are raising two growing sons, Kevin and Alex, who seem obsessed with eating all the food that comes near the house. Jesse is a graduate of Cohort K from Bethel Seminary’s CFM program and serves as the Children and Family Pastor at Life Bridge Community Church.