I talk to lots and lots of parents every weekend.  And at my home church (Christ Community Church in St. Charles, IL), we’ve found that the more parents we talk to, the more people we find who are lost in their parenting.  They question their decisions, they don’t know how to share the Gospel, and they wonder if they are making wise choices.  By far, the parents I interact with have a heart to reach their kids for Christ and they work very hard.  However, the longer I spend in ministry I have found that many, many parents work to reach their kids for Christ without having made a decision for Christ themselves.

Two weeks ago we did a baptism weekend.  It was incredible!  We baptized over 100 people at our main campus and we had the largest group of 4th and 5th graders baptized ever.  When we held the baptism class, we found that parents would march their kids to the class and have them fill out a testimony, only to find that it was pretty clear that neither the parents or the child had ever made a real decision to follow Christ.  At Christ Community baptism has become an evangelistic tool for families.  The same thing happens when we do child dedication.  We are pretty intent on making sure that the parents who dedicate their children to serving God have a strong and growing faith in Christ.  Many times, parents come to faith through this process.  It’s important to be intentional when it comes to the Gospel.

How are you doing with sharing the Gospel and empowering parents to share the Gospel in your ministry context?  This week, we launched a parenting series at our church and we kicked off the first week with a message about sharing the Gospel using the wordless book.  Here’s a link to the series downloads page.  Each week, the notes, audio, study guide, and streaming video will be made available.  We’re covering The Gospel, Truth, Modesty, Media, and Dating.  Maybe you’ll find something helpful for your ministry to families.