I’ve been reading a lot of material from educators and administrators about the end of the school year.  Recently, I came across a blog entry by a school principal who asked his readers (and teachers) to take stock of the past year.  So that’s what I did.

I realized that churches need people to help kids develop spiritually.  My interaction with local churches, both small and large, has generally been that the staff and volunteers are all doing their level best to help kids know Jesus and become more like Him.  Yet, I think we can take better strides in days to come.

One of the places here the men and women in children’s ministry can come to the leadership table is in the area of learning.  We are the champions of learning in our churches (because as I’ve argued before, we are in the trenches of Christian education as leaders in the field of children’s and family ministry).  Now I think Aaron Reynolds has already done the work for the Chief Creative Officer in children’s ministry, but who is sounding the horn for a Chief Learning Officer in children’s ministry?

Who will welcome and reward innovation, encourage reflection, share information, foster learning, experiment, and work across ministry silos?  I think the leaders best poised for this kind of work in the church are those involved in children’s and family ministry because we are already involved in education and we are process oriented.  What would this look like in your church?