I read quite a bit about technology and kids.  Where there is research, I read it – whether it is about kids using the Internet, developing media, or networking.  And I have a pretty clear idea about what I believe when it comes to these issues.  I’m sure you do as well.  From interacting with churches around the country, I can assure you that churches are very clear on these issues.

Yesterday I had one of the best things happen; I received my graduate Statement of Faith back in the mail.  The Statement of Faith is a 14-page document outlining my theology.  It’s basically what I believe about all doctrine in a short burst.  Writing it was difficult.  Living it will probably prove to be much more so, but the truth of the matter is that I think the exercise of honing your beliefs as a leader of kids and families is critical.

Many of the leaders in our field do not have theological or seminary background.  In fact, I read on one of the 100 or so blogs I follow the other day that “seminary teaches you answers to questions no one is asking.”  While humorous, it’s pretty false (and probably that guy didn’t go to Bethel).  Seminary teaches you to answer questions that should be answered. Leaders answer questions no one is asking – that’s how innovation happens, that’s how change happens, that’s how families grow and children learn to love Jesus and become more like him.

Doctrine matters.  Theology matters.  I remember a time when I engaged an academic friend of a friend on a few issues regarding the authority of Scripture.  He asked, “Why do you know so much theology if you’re only teaching children.”  Blood boiling, temperature rising…I answered.  It matters because we are educators who develop resources designed to teach – teach what?  That’s the question we need to answer.

Btw, I did not have to do any rewrites on my Statement of Faith, which was a huge answer to prayer.


  • Are you honing what you believe about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit?
  • Have you investigated and read for yourself the Biblical support for your church’s Statement of Faith?