This year I will turn 29.  God has opened up a really amazing opportunity for me to interact with a veteran in the field of children’s and family ministry.  This person is a leader that I have come to respect and learn a lot from.  But recently he challenged me with some big questions.

From my perspective, what are the top five things that the older generation of children’s and family ministry leader needs to know about my generation, parents from my generation, kids from this generation, and the challenges these groups afford to ministry paradigms from the past.

Here are some further questions for discussion:

Is it all about technology?  Are the distinctives only technological?

What about depth?

What about relationship?

What will ministry to children and families look like in the future?

What will students look like in the future/when they grow up?

If we make a host of changes in the way we minister to children and families, where will that lead?